This is a fast-growing collection which aims to support artists early on in their careers.

We help emerging artists through:

  • Acquiring their work and and exhibiting it as part of our public loans programme 
  • Providing an annual solo exhibition opportunity for an artist on our programme at The Lightbox gallery
  • Arranging innovative exhibition showcases to raise their profile
    Offering practical advice and providing connections with other collectors, dealers and artists

  • In 2016 we established The Ingram Prize, an annual purchase prize exhibition for visual artists within five years of graduation from a UK-based art school.

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Haroon Mirza (b. 1977)

Haroon Mirza was one of our first ICT artists.  Chris Ingram saw Haroon’s Chelsea College of Art MFA degree show in 2007, and subsequently bought five of his works for the collection.

Haroon has won international acclaim for installations that test the interplay and friction between sound and light waves and electric current. He combines a variety of ready-made and time-based material to create audio compositions, which are often realised as performances, site-specific installations and kinetic sculptures.  He is represented by Lisson Gallery, London.


Emma vidal (b. 1992)

Untitled (Moon Child) was bought from Emma’s 2014 Central Saint Martin’s degree show, and has already been exhibited at The Royal West of England Academy and The Lightbox.

douglas cantor ramirez (B. 1989)

Parable (Triptych) was bought from Douglas’ 2015 Camberwell College of Art degree show.  Within a few weeks it was on show as part of our Where’s God Now? exhibition at The Lightbox.  Douglas was also a 2016 Purchase Prize finalist with Pineapple Man.

“I consider being bought by a collection one of the most important steps of my career. It played a very important role for me in a sort of ceremonial way, a sort of positive acknowledgement of the direction I had taken and decisions made until that point, certainly it motivated me and made feel recognised as an artist.

I must say I feel lucky for the whole thing to have happened at all given the conditions in which things took place, since my degree was actually in illustration and my work was exhibited far away from the traditional path taken by collectors around the show and yet, I was found thanks to the Ingram Collection’s openness to look for new artists outside of the box and its focus on nourishing that new talent.

It felt unreal to see my work exhibited at The Lightbox, there isn’t a more idyllic outcome for an upcoming artist than to have someone liking your work enough to collect it and to have a bit of wall space in a museum with your work on it”.
CHLOE WING (B. 1978)

Paper Cage was bought from Chloe’s 2014 Wimbledon College of Art MFA degree show.  As part of our Ingram Contemporary Talent programme, Chloe exhibited Paper Cage in a solo exhibition at The Lightbox in December 2016.


“My installation was bought straight from my 2014 MFA degree show. I am so grateful to Chris Ingram that someone believes in and likes what I do. It’s so exciting to be part of the Ingram Contemporary Talent collection and to be able to show my work at The Lightbox. It has given me more conviction in what I do and to create a collection of installations. The foundation is involved in the community, schools and helping mental health organisations, which are things I feel strongly about. Chris has a lot of passion about art and people and it is wonderful to be part of something that supports that side of my work too”.