Century: 100 Modern British Artists

New Ingram Collection exhibition announced at Jerwood Gallery in Hastings

Century Jerwood banner imageCurator James Russell is a man on a mission. A passionate advocate of 20th century British art, he has chosen more than a hundred works, spanning a hundred years, by a hundred different artists. Century: 100 Modern British Artists (22 October 2016 – 8 January 2017), isn’t just the most-wide ranging Modern British show in years, it’s an adventure in art – by turns funny and moving, quiet and boisterous, technically dazzling and delightfully simple.

This exhibition, at Jerwood Gallery in Hastings, brings together 100 artists from two of the country’s finest private collections of 20th century British art, the Ingram Collection of Modern British Art and Jerwood Collection.

“I have selected what I feel to be the strongest works from each collection, focusing particularly on artists of historical importance and/or those who are well represented in one or both collections. I hope people will come away feeling that Modern British art is lively and fun!” says Russell.

This gallery-wide exhibition will feature paintings, drawings and sculptures by some of the giants of British art. Highlights of the exhibition include Dame Elisabeth Frink’s Walking Madonna, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s 1988 self-portrait sculpture, the delightful A Curious Cat by Ruskin Spear RA and David Hockney’s My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean.

Russell’s exhibition doesn’t just reflect the superstars of 20th century British art as individuals, but also explores the movements and groups to which they belonged; with a room devoted to the Pop Art and collages of John Piper, Gerald Laing and Sir Anthony Caro.

Chris Ingram says about the exhibition “In future, I hope that people look back on Century and see it as an historic show for Modern British Art. When was the last time 100 artists from this important but unappreciated period were on show together? I’m particularly pleased to be showing the works at Jerwood Gallery, because it is the perfect space to show the art to its greatest effect.”